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They promise great space savings at the expense of compatibility.

A new-ish Mac and a recent-ish i Phone upgraded to i OS 11 will be fine.

Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name.

Analysis Apple releases a systems nerd nirvana today, a new OS that’s packed with more profound and interesting under-the-hood technology features than Apple has released for years.

(Windows NT at one time had no real distinction between "Server" and "Workstation" in terms of whether it capped the number of inbound or outbound TCP/IP connections, for example.) While the Mac was arguably more LAN-focused in the '80s and '90s than it is today, my guess is the new inclusion was in the interests of security.

This isn’t as sensible as a dedicated family NAS, or plugging a drive to the router, but it’s certainly cheaper.

In a separate but related feature, you can now also cache content, and share cached content with Apple devices.

Rather like Windows 10, a device can cache a system download so other devices don’t have to pull it off the interwebs, but instead request it from the LAN.

This doesn’t just cache system updates, but i Cloud content, and data on attached peripherals.

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